Microsoft to fix the Windows 10 blue screen of death problem caused by NVMe SSD

Microsoft previously issued a support announcement confirming that when Windows 10 is connected to an NVMe protocol solid-state drive, it may cause a blue screen of death problems.

Theoretically, this problem mainly affects devices with Thunderbolt interface. When the user connects the SSD through this interface, it may trigger a blue screen.

The error code that appears when the blue screen of death occurs is DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION. Currently, Microsoft has launched a cumulative update to fix it.

Thunderbolt NVMe SSD problem

Microsoft has released the update log of KB4586853 cumulative update with a test nature yesterday, but Microsoft did not mention this aspect in the update log.

However, Microsoft issued a separate support announcement indicating that it has fixed the blue screen of death problem, which is mainly caused by the incompatibility of some old drivers.

The affected operating systems are mainly Windows 10 20H1 and Windows 10 20H2. Other versions lower than 20H1 are not affected by this issue.

However, the current repair is a cumulative update with a test nature. Based on stability considerations, it is recommended that users can release a stable update on the routine update day next Wednesday.

Of course, if you can’t wait, you can also manually download this cumulative update offline installation package for deployment, and restart the system after deployment to solve this problem.