Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is confirmed to be equipped with Toshiba ’s Tiny BG4 SSD

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Microsoft held a new product launch to launch new products from the Microsoft Surface series, as well as peripheral accessories from some Microsoft brands. The information revealed by the actual machine is much more than that announced by Microsoft at the conference and on the product website. For example, Surface laptop 3 has been confirmed to use Toshiba ’s Tiny BG4 SSD.


Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Earlier we mentioned that the Surface Laptop 3 can replace the hard drive, but Microsoft’s note is that you need to go to the retail store to replace. At that time, we thought that this may be because Microsoft put the SSD in some special positions and it is not easy to be dismantled. However, it seems that Microsoft is actually soldering the hard disk. These notes also appear on the Surface Pro X, which means that Microsoft also uses a special hard drive on this device and solders it to the motherboard. This new solid-state drive is the Tiny BG4 SSD introduced by Toshiba earlier.

The tomshardware checked the device manager driver in the store and found that the Surface Laptop 3 was equipped with Toshiba’s previously launched BGA mini SSD. The new SSD interface still uses the M.2 2230 protocol but is very small. Toshiba’s previous display shows that the SSD is similar in size to the coin.

Interestingly, Microsoft did not only use Toshiba’s products. SK Hynix also quietly developed similar products and has already cooperated with Microsoft to carry customized versions. In terms of speed, Toshiba’s mini-solid-state drives are expected to reach speeds of up to 1000MB/s, although they are somewhat different from Samsung’s high-end discs.

Tomshardware also checked Surface Pro 7 and found a similar situation, that is, these Microsoft Surfaces have all adopted BGA-type SSDs.