Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Adobe stopped providing services to Venezuelan users

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Earlier this month, a well-known American software developer, Adobe, sent a letter to all Venezuelan customers: It will stop providing services to Venezuelan customers at the end of the month. The reason for this decision was that the US government department had ordered all US companies to sever cooperation with entities in Venezuela unless otherwise permitted. In view of this, Adobe directly sent a letter to its Venezuelan users to inform the matter.

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The company said in an email to Venezuelan customers that it was unable to provide services to customers due to US government policy and will get refunds. Those who purchase through agents or other organizations need to find an agent to refund, but in any case, some services want to continue to use relatively little hope.

The good news is that the Behance social network that the company provides to Venezuelan designers can continue to be used, and users do not need to download and back up their own data. It’s unclear why this Behance social network is exempt, but Adobe says it will share more policy details if it can.

Via: theverge