Microsoft Surface Duo has passed FCC certification

Microsoft’s first dual-screen Android device, Surface Duo, will be officially launched this summer, half a year earlier than the Christmas holiday announced at the press conference last year.

Hardly anyone could have imagined that Microsoft’s development of Surface Duo is so fast. Microsoft recently planned to make Surface Duo available before Samsung’s August 5 press conference, but because of some details, they chose to postpone the date of listing for the Surface Duo.

Surface Duo

Surface Duo has passed FCC certification. The test documents show that the device is equipped with an Android 10 system and is equipped with two displays.

Surface Duo will support the main LTE frequency bands of US telecom operators, does not support 5G network connections, supports WiFi 5 (802.11ac) network technology, and does not support WiFi 6 network technology.

The FCC test document does not mention the NFC signal frequency band that Surface Duo will support, but it directly mentions the existence of NFC technology in another document describing the wireless technology of Surface Duo, but we are still inclined to think that Surface Duo will support NFC technical.

Via: droid-life