Microsoft confirms Android 10 Compatibility Test on Surface Duo

Earlier we have reported that Microsoft is going to introduce the Surface Duo in advance, that is, Microsoft intends to run the plan to make the Surface Duo listed earlier this Christmas holiday.

For this reason, the Surface Duo will not be equipped with the Android 11 system that has not been released officially but will be equipped with the Android 10 system released last year. According to commits made by Microsoft, the Surface Duo will be tested for Android 10 compatibility.

Android compatibility test certification is a certification project set by Google to let hardware manufacturers know whether their hardware devices are compatible with current Android applications. If Microsoft wants to pass the Android 10 compatibility test certification as soon as possible, it means that Microsoft put the Surface Duo on the market.

Surface Duo

Microsoft’s engineer responsible for the Surface Duo project has recently submitted multiple submissions to the Android10-dev project, which contains code that supports the testing of devices displayed in non-standard window mode. This is undoubtedly the code that was submitted only to test the Surface Duo.

“This adds a check to test cases to support devices that use non-standard Windowing Modes. Tests have been updated where there is logic that is specific to single screen devices or fixed sized displays,” one commit reads.

According to previous news, the Surface Duo will be equipped with two 5.6-inch AMOLED displays with a resolution of 1800×1350, a PPI of 401, a battery capacity of 3460mAh, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor.

Via: windowslatest