December 5, 2020

Microsoft releases OpenCL and OpenGL compatibility packages for Windows 10

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Earlier Microsoft announced that it would solve the compatibility problem when there is no hardware driver for OpenCL and OpenGL. The solution to this problem is to use mapping.

Direct3D 12 can support OpenCL and OpenGL by supporting Direct3D 12 of the mapping layer, which will help some devices and applications to run.

For example, the compatibility of certain games will be better and better performance, because these features help improve the performance and rendering of the game to enhance the experience.

Of course, this only supports DirectX 12, so if the device, application, and game do not support it, even downloading and installing this compatibility package will not be useful.

The compatibility pack released this time only supports Windows 10 v2004/20H1 version and Windows 10 20H2 version temporarily, other versions cannot download the compatibility pack.

The compatibility package supports OpenCL 1.2 and earlier versions, OpenGL 3.3 and earlier versions. This compatibility package also supports the installation and use of the Windows Insider version.

Microsoft officially expressed the hope that more application and game developers can migrate to DX12, and Microsoft will continue to invest in more applications to support the compatibility layer.

The significance of the compatibility layer is to allow compatible support for devices that do not natively support OpenCL and OpenGL, which can improve the compatibility of various software.

In the future, Microsoft will develop bundles to allow more software to support this compatibility layer. For developers, migration to DX12 should no longer be blocked by compatibility issues.