December 5, 2020

Microsoft will suspend non-essential Windows 10 updates in December 2020

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Christmas will usher in western countries next month, and Microsoft development engineers will also take a vacation during the Christmas period, so some development and update work will be affected.

Of course, this impact is also planned, except for necessary updates such as security updates and cumulative updates, other non-essential updates of Windows 10 will be suspended.

For example, every month Microsoft releases cumulative updates for optional preview updates, Windows 10 development version, and beta version. Such non-urgent content will be updated after the holiday.

Although most engineers will be on vacation during the holidays, there are also engineers on duty who stay behind. These engineers will continue to investigate various problems and repair them during the holidays.

Windows Server Insider Preview Build 18945

The focus of the repair includes known security issues, especially security vulnerabilities notified by external researchers. The repair progress of non-security updates may be delayed.

There is still some time before the holidays, so the Windows 10 development version will continue to be updated. There should be two new versions waiting for the development version this month.

A new version may be released at the beginning of next month and then suspended until it resumes early next year.

Therefore, if the user uses the development version as the main version, it is best to suspend the update, so as to avoid serious problems in the subsequent release of the new version that will affect normal use.

Via: windowslatest