Microsoft releases KB4052623 to fix Windows Defender not scanning properly

Earlier we mentioned that Microsoft’s latest cumulative update seems to cause Windows Defender to malfunction, and the software may not be able to complete the detection when scanning for viruses.

When users try to perform a quick or full scan, there will always be a prompt saying that some files have been skipped, and there may be viruses in the skipped files that have not been killed.

This means that the reliability of Windows Defender anti-virus software is significantly reduced, and for this reason, Microsoft has also quickly launched a new definition update to fix existing abnormal conditions.

Microsoft Defender ATP

KB4052623 is a definition update for Windows Defender anti-virus software, which can be downloaded and installed no matter what version of Windows 10 you are using. After installation, the Windows Defender anti-virus software version is upgraded to v4.18.2003.8 version.

Microsoft did not explain the cause of the failure, but this new definition update has begun to push to all users to solve the problem of scanning failure.

Another thing to note is that as long as the user does not completely suspend the update, this definition update will be automatically downloaded and installed as a security update without restarting the system.