Google will resume updates and release Google Chrome v81 on April 7

Earlier, Google announced that it would suspend the update of Google Chrome due to the coronavirus epidemic, and the company also decided to completely cancel Google Chrome v82.

Now Google has released a new schedule and said that it will resume the update from April 7, Google will launch a stable version of Google Chrome v81 on April 7.

Qualcomm Google Chrome ARM

The v83 stable version is expected to be released in mid-May. This release time is actually earlier than the original schedule because the new version will be replaced after the v82 cancellation.

At the same time, new versions of the Canary, Developer Preview and Beta versions will be released starting this week, and the Beta channel will receive updates to the v81 version.

The schedule is as follows:

  • M83 will be released three weeks earlier than previously planned and will include all M82 work as we cancelled the M82 release (all channels).
  • Our Canary, Dev and Beta channels have or will resume this week, with M83 moving to Dev, and M81 continuing in Beta.
  • Our Stable channel will resume release next week with security and critical fixes in M80, followed by the release of M81 the week of April 7, and M83 ~mid-May.
  • We will share a future update on the timing of the M84 branch and releases.