Windows Defender may skip scanning for virus files

There are many users of Microsoft Windows Defender anti-virus software integrated into the system because this anti-virus software is quite good and does not include ads.

In terms of anti-virus capabilities, it can be said that this anti-virus software can also provide protection for most users, and more and more users are beginning to give up installing third-party anti-virus software.

However, sometimes the Windows Defender you use may not be reliable, because Microsoft’s various faults may cause the scan to not complete normally.

According to bleepingcomputer reports, Windows Defender seems to be malfunctioning and cannot be scanned normally. After the scan is complete, it will prompt completion but actually skip many files.

Microsoft Defender ATP

Although the user does not set any excluded files or folders in the exclusion, Windows Defender may still actively skip these files. After testing by Günter Born, it is found that “80% of his German readers confirm the behavior, while 20% are not receiving it.”

At this time, Microsoft has not confirmed the existence of the problem so we cannot know the cause of the problem, but the problem has only occurred since the cumulative update was released this month.

Therefore, this issue is likely to be caused by a failure of Microsoft’s cumulative update, and the affected users may cover all versions of Windows 10.

After testing Windows Defender anti-virus, if the client version is from v4.18.2003.6 – 4.18.2003.6.1 version, such problems may occur.

So now if you still use Windows Defender to perform the malware detection, you may not be able to more accurately detect all malicious files that may be infected.

But unfortunately, there is no good way to solve this problem for now. Now I can only wait for Microsoft to troubleshoot the issue and release a solution to fix it.