Microsoft released security update for Windows XP/Vista


Last month, in view of the wreck of the global WannaCry extortion virus, Microsoft has stopped supporting the Windows XP system released a patch. In this week’s patch Tuesday , Microsoft once again for Windows XP released a variety of security updates, and warned the user is now sponsored by the government sponsored by the network attacks have become more frequent.


Quoting foreign media The Verge reports that Microsoft has released multiple security patches for Windows XP and Vista systems that have stopped support during Tuesday’s patch Tuesday event. Microsoft said the reasons for the release of these patches in recent years, the level of network attacks continue to rise, from the previous independent developers to later hackers, and now has seen the support of the national government behind the shadow.

Adrienne Hall, general manager of Microsoft’s emergency response, said:

Looking back on this month’s update, some of the vulnerabilities of the network attack risk is very high, and in the back of these network attacks we see the government agencies and other similar agencies figure. In order to deal with these risks, today we have provided additional security updates through regular patch Tuesday activities. These security updates are for all Microsoft users, including those who use the old version of Windows system users.

Download securit update.

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