Windows 10 S: You should know the six points


With the Surface Laptop officially on sale, the network on this Microsoft to create the “most balanced notebook” discussion is also warm up. In addition to hardware specifications and battery performance, the biggest highlight of the notebook is equipped with Windows 10 S system, today announced the official promotional video highlights the system’s six main points.


● Windows 10 S is tailored for outstanding performance

Start time faster and the system design can always meet the needs of users.

● surfing the Internet through the Microsoft Edge browser: faster and more secure browser

On Windows 10 S systems, Edge is the default system browser. Microsoft Edge is built for Windows 10 system, providing a secure Internet environment. In fact, the Edge browser in the Windows 10 S system can prevent more phishing sites than Chromebooks in Chromebooks. Microsoft Edge is very useful for students and home users, to ensure that college students and educators use.

● Microsoft certified security

On Windows 10 S systems, users can only download and install applications through the Windows Store, and run in a secure “container” to ensure that the system provides sufficient performance and security environment. Windows 10 S users by default under the protection of Windows Defender, naturally you can also use the Windows Store to download third-party anti-virus applications.

● Download the application you want from the Windows Store

On the Windows Store, consumers have provided a wealth of applications, including Hulu, Pandora, Autodesk SketchBook, Netflix, Sling TV, Complete Anatomy, Duolingo, NPR One, Facebook, Instagram, Drawboard PDF, OhBot, Fluid Math, Sensavis Visual Learning And Twitter and so on. In addition, Microsoft also announced that iTunes and Spotify applications will soon be landing Windows Store.

● Office 365 and Windows 10 S system better integration

Windows 10 S can run a rich desktop application including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. The complete package for Office applications is now available.

● built-in Windows experience to ensure productivity and innovation

Windows 10 S provides a similar experience with Windows 10, including Cortana Voice Assistant, Windows Hello security features, Windows Ink and Xbox.

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