Microsoft pushes Windows 11 22H2 to unsupported Windows 10 devices

German tech site Deskmodder shared an interesting phenomenon, Microsoft seems to be pushing Windows 11 version 22H2 to unsupported hardware. Windows 11 22H2 is currently in preview, and Deskmodder participates in the Windows Insider Release Preview channel on Windows 10. Since the TPM module of the virtual machine is not turned on, it should not receive the Windows 11 update. But I didn’t expect that Microsoft would still put out Windows 11 22H2 of the prompt in the update.

The hardware combination tested is Intel’s sixth-generation Core processor, and the virtual machine does not have the virtual TPM function enabled, which is an incompatible hardware combination. Under normal circumstances, Microsoft would not push Windows 11 to unsupported hardware combinations, but now that it is pushed, it may be a problem with the back-end deployment.

It’s just that when trying to install, an error will still pop up at 6% of the progress. Of course, it is very simple to solve, just modify the dll file to upgrade.

It’s a bug and the right team is investigating it,” Microsoft noted. “The requirements have not changed”.