Microsoft may allow Windows 10 to run Android apps directly next year

Microsoft has been thinking about achieving full-platform compatibility of applications through the UWP universal platform many years ago, but as you know, Microsoft’s expectations are now completely cool.

Next door, Apple uses the ARM version of the MacBook to run iOS applications on the desktop. What’s interesting is that Microsoft doesn’t seem to give up the idea of ​​cross-platform.

According to Zach Bowden, a well-known editor of WindowsCentral, the Microsoft Store may support Android applications next year. This is a terrible idea, but I like it very much. If Windows 10 can run Android applications directly, it will be a double bloom.

Zach Bowden said in his article that his source told him that Microsoft is introducing Android apps into the Windows 10 built-in Microsoft Store.

But for now, the source is unable to disclose more information including project progress and project schedule, so it is unclear when this feature will be introduced.

However, the source said that this may allow Windows 10 to support running Android applications, if this is the case, it will obviously enhance the main functions of the system.

As a major feature, this feature will not arrive in Windows 10 21H1 next spring and may arrive in Windows 10 21H2.

The version update in the spring of next year will be a small update so it will not bring too many new features, and the version update in the fall of next year will bring many new features and improvements.