You can even run 16-bit ancient programs in Windows 10

Based on the rapid development of hardware, the current mainstream operating systems are all 64-bit. Of course, Microsoft also provides a 32-bit version for some low-profile tablet computers.

There are 16 bits before 32 bits, but Microsoft has gradually moved away from the 16-bit operating system as early as the Windows 95 era. Now 16-bit antiquated software is not common.

Windows 8 released in 2012 actually supports 16-bit antiquated software. At that time, Microsoft provided support for 16-bit software in the 32-bit version of Windows 8.

The 64-bit Windows 8 directly abandoned the support for 16-bit software but never expected that 64-bit Windows 10 can still run 16-bit software.

Microsoft engineer Luis Henrique Demetrio recently published a blog on how developers can package 16-bit antiquated software through open-source software OTVDM and Microsoft .MSIX format.

The 16-bit ancient software packaged in this way can run directly in Windows 10, but clicking the icon from the start menu will show that it is not supported. Of course, strictly speaking, this is not that Windows 10 natively supports 16-bit software.

Since Windows 10 no longer supports NT DOS virtual machines, OTVDM/WINEVDM developed by developers can help us solve the problem.

OTVDM/WINEVDM is essentially a 16-bit emulator, which is compatible with Windows 10 so it can continue to run 16-bit ancient software.

Of course, Luis Henrique Demetrio’s focus is naturally not how to introduce the use of simulators to run the software, but how to package and run this software in MSIX format.

After encapsulating in the MSIX format, it can significantly reduce the operation steps of the end-user. “The installation will be reduced to a single click action that will install the App in less than 10 seconds.”

Simply put, developers can package and integrate the WINEVDM simulator with 16-bit software so that the 16-bit software can be packaged into a compatible new format.

The ancient software packaged in this way can run stably on Windows 10.