Microsoft makes a major update to the Windows 10 taskbar

Microsoft makes a major update to the Windows 10 taskbar

The Christmas holidays for Microsoft engineers have ended, so they have now returned to their posts to continue developing the Windows 10 system and the beta version.

The latest new feature pushed to beta users is a major improvement to the taskbar. This time Microsoft chose to integrate the weather and news modules directly on the right side of the Windows 10 taskbar.

The user can directly see the current weather without the user’s click. If you click the weather module, a mini information box provided by Microsoft News will pop up.

Of course, like other similar functions, Microsoft also customizes users themselves, such as sports news, headlines, weather information, and other peripheral content.

It is worth noting that the above functions must be used in the Microsoft Edge browser, and clicking on any content in the information box will force the use of the Microsoft Edge browser to open.

Microsoft said that there are no advertisements for this feature, so users do not need to worry about interference issues, and the information module will only provide necessary news and local weather information.

Of course, most of these compulsory measures by Microsoft are aimed at increasing the utilization rate of Microsoft Edge browsers, but these compulsory measures by Microsoft may sometimes cause criticism. But for now, Microsoft may not give up any opportunity to promote its own browser.