Microsoft is about to launch “The New Windows”

The Windows 10X version, which has been leaked many times, has now completed the development work, but as of now, Microsoft is not ready yet so it has not released the official version.

This operating system has made very big changes to the user interface, so it looks lighter and smarter than the regular version of Windows 10, and more suitable for users to use.

However, this version does not support traditional desktop applications and its positioning is for the educational group, so users who want to experience can only try it on a virtual machine when that time comes.

Windows 10X Start Menu

Microsoft seems to be ready to release the Windows 10X RTM version. WalkingCat said that Microsoft may announce the release of the stable version as soon as next month.

Of course, this version is currently available to OEM manufacturers, and this version only allows OEM manufacturers to pre-install to launch low-end educational devices.

The low-end educational equipment here is mainly provided for educational institutions and used by primary and middle school students. Therefore, the performance requirements are not high, and more attention is paid to safety.

The inability to run desktop software means that Windows 10X can evade most viruses and malware, so it is indeed good for the educational community.

Microsoft may also hold a small online press conference for the system, leaked news that Microsoft named the system “The New Windows” to show the difference.