Thu. Jun 4th, 2020

Microsoft criticized the US government for unfairly treating Huawei on unwarranted charges

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Brad Smith, the current president, and chief legal officer of Microsoft, said in a new book that the US government treated Huawei unfairly for unwarranted charges. Earlier, the US government used security as an excuse to list Huawei as a list of regulated entities, restricting US companies from cooperating with Huawei and selling technology and products to Huawei. Affected by this, Microsoft Corporation also could not continue to cooperate with Huawei, including selling operating system licenses to Huawei and selling Huawei hardware products in Microsoft stores.

Smith publicly pointed out that the US government should not use legal means to adopt such restrictive actions without reasonable facts, logic and the rule of law. More importantly, when Microsoft could not cooperate with Huawei to ask the US government to give specific evidence, the response from the US government was irrelevant congestion.

The main consequence of Microsoft’s inability to cooperate with Huawei is that Microsoft cannot license operating systems to Huawei, causing significant losses to both Microsoft and Huawei. Smith also said that the precedent set by the US government may also lead to the breakdown of world trade. If you can’t bring technology to the world, you can’t be a technology leader. Smith believes that to achieve technological globalization, it is necessary to cooperate with the government departments of various countries and regions so that management technology can also promote technological development.

Via: Bloomberg