Thu. Jun 4th, 2020

The US Department of Justice launches an initial investigation into Google and Facebook antitrust

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There have been rumors that the US Federal Trade Commission plans to join forces with the US Department of Justice to launch antitrust investigations against US technology giants such as Apple and Google. The reason for launching antitrust investigations is not because of the operating system, but the protection of various technology giants in terms of user data and privacy. These tech giants often choose to sell user data for the ad network to analyze and then deliver targeted, personalized ads to users. A few days ago, Google has revealed in its blog that the company has indeed been subject to antitrust investigations, but it is not the Federal Trade Commission but the US Department of Justice.

Facebook sold private message

The US Department of Justice has previously released news to allow state attorneys to work with the Department of Justice and then launch antitrust investigations against the privacy practices of various technology giants. Google said that the company has always cooperated with regulators to protect the privacy of users. Google has done this in the past and will continue to cooperate in the future. At the same time, Google also said in the blog that the company’s services help millions of users and businesses, and Google provides quality services to users and businesses through technological innovation. However, these statements issued by Google do not mean anything at all. After all, the US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission have never questioned the availability of Google services. The US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission are concerned with how Google handles user privacy data, and what kind of service it provides is Google’s own business.

A few days ago, New York’s attorney general, Letitia James issued a message saying that even the world’s largest social network, Facebook must comply with laws and regulations and comply with all consumers. To this end, New York’s attorney general, Letitia James is investigating whether Facebook’s stifling competition puts users at risk, including jeopardizing user data and reducing consumer choice. Facebook has been fined $5 billion for Cambridge analysis, but there are still a lot of regulatory issues to deal with on Facebook. The problem with Facebook is mainly to find that it has repeatedly sold user data to advertisers, and at the same time, using its own advantages to suppress other platforms and increase the price of advertising.

Via: Quartz