Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

The screen will turn strange after installing the latest cumulative update for Windows 10 v1903

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It seems that Microsoft’s cumulative update, KB4512941 released last month has brought more problems than expected after Microsoft has admitted that Cortana and the search process are taking up too much hardware resources. However, there is still a lot of user feedback. After the update is installed, the screen turns into a strange orange color, which looks like the result of adjusting the night mode intensity to the highest. However, in fact, the user does not enable night mode and whether the night mode is turned on or off, this strange orange layer will not be disappeared on the screen.

On Microsoft Answers one user notes:

My screen turns red when I capture a screenshot. How can I turn it off? I haven’t changed any settings; yesterday it was fine. I tried using different snipping tools, and the regular PrtSc button. All red.

I have the night mode off, and everything else is regular.

Another note:

I am having the same problem, or maybe a bit worse.

When I start Windows, the login screen looks good, but when I put my credentials and the desktop is shown, it gradually starts turning red. The only element that remains with the correct colour is the mouse pointer.

This is an example of how my screen looks like while reading this post.

At present, Microsoft has not confirmed the problem, but Microsoft community moderators believe that this may be the latest bug of cumulative updates and graphics card driver compatibility issues. Of course, if you want to solve the problem, you can try to upgrade the graphics card driver. If you can’t upgrade the driver, you can only uninstall the cumulative update.