Microsoft confirms that Windows 10 Sun Valley update will use a new Fluent Design tweaks

Previously, Microsoft has enabled new transition animations in the Windows 10 Insider Preview. Microsoft changed the original transition animations to zoom pop-up transition animations.

However, the company has not clearly stated whether only the resource manager is changed to the new transition animation or the entire system will be changed. Now Microsoft has confirmed that the entire system will be changed.

For example, the transition animation when the application is started and the transition animation when opening the resource manager, Microsoft’s approach is to change the style to improve the freshness of the user.

The transition animation of the new version will arrive in the Windows 10 Sun Valley update this fall, and the old version such as 20H1/20H2 will follow the old style.

The feedback [for fluent animation] has been passed along to the team. To start with, in our Dev Channel builds we have updated the animation when launching an application,” Microsoft noted.

Based on the Sun Valley project, Microsoft has prepared a new transition animation for Windows 10. Currently, the new transition animation has been applied in the Windows 10 Insider Preview version.

The new transition animation is slightly different from the transition animation in the current stable version. The main thing in the new transition animation is to operate the window by zooming.

If you quickly open or close the window, especially when you minimize it, this transition animation zoom effect is very obvious, Microsoft seems to think the effect is not bad.

The transition animation in the current stable version mainly fades in and out and then zooms in and out. In terms of visual effects, this effect may be more practical.

Via: windowslatest