Microsoft is revamping the Windows 10 app store

The Microsoft Store is an application store pre-installed in Windows 10, through which users can download various applications and games released after Microsoft’s review.

But as you know, the Microsoft Store has not good and even going downhill for many years. The main reason is the slow development of UWP applications and the lack of attention from Microsoft.

For example, developers have complained about the fact that many support documents in the Microsoft App Store have not been updated for a long time, and developers cannot solve the problems they encounter through the support documents.

The interesting thing is that Microsoft is not willing to give up this store app, so next Microsoft will revise the store and may allow the release of traditional desktop applications.

Microsoft is currently planning the follow-up development of the application store, including the revision of the application store and allowing developers to publish traditional desktop applications.

Microsoft Store Win32 app

We know that there are a lot of general-purpose programs in the Microsoft Store, but many of them are low-quality junk programs.

In terms of activity, the activity of the Microsoft Store is much lower than that of other application stores, because most users use traditional desktop programs instead of general-purpose programs.

After the revision later this year, Microsoft may allow developers to release traditional desktop software, that is, users can download traditional desktop software through the store.

At that time, tens of thousands of traditional desktop programs around the world can be submitted to the store, and users can install it through the store and automatically update it in the future.

In terms of security, although Microsoft audits cannot guarantee that all software is 100% safe, it is better than users downloading the bundled version through search engines.

As for the purpose, we guess that Microsoft may hope to increase store activity in this way when it can promote more of its own games to attract players to download.

There are three big changes coming to the new Store that will benefit developers:

  • Allow developers to submit unpackaged Win32 apps to the Store
  • Allow developers to host apps and updates on their own content delivery network (CDN)
  • Alllow developers to use third-party commerce platforms in apps

Via: windowscentral