Microsoft’ cloud game project xCloud will begin for testing in October this year

After Google announced the listing time and price of the cloud game project STADIA, Microsoft is naturally unwilling to lag behind and directly revealed that xCloud will be beta in October. At present, Microsoft’s main job is to deploy xCloud customized servers to global servers, and it is said that up to 13 data centers need to be deployed. Cloud games rely mainly on the data center to provide powerful computing power, that is, the cloud server is responsible for running the game and transmitting the picture back to the end user in real time.

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In an interview, Microsoft senior product marketing manager said that many employees in the company have started to participate in xCloud testing. The company is working to expand the scope of testing and deploy dedicated server blades to 13 data centers around the world, giving players better gaming experience. At the same time, Microsoft also said that if it is successful, the company will invite global players to conduct beta testing around October, and will also play online live broadcast functions.

The xCloud project is currently compatible with more than 3,500 different games. This means that developers can use xCloud to support all platforms, including PCs and smartphones, and Xbox, in a single development.

Via: TheVerge