Trump said that EU fines against big US tech companies are wrong

EU GDPR violations

In the past few years, the EU has often launched anti-monopoly investigations with US technology companies. Of course, the biggest victims of these anti-monopoly investigations are Google. For example, Google was fined by the EU for up to $5 billion in the monopoly of the Android system, and Google is still the main target of various EU antitrust investigations. Next, the EU will continue to investigate Google on the content of the General Data Protection Regulations, as well as launch investigations into Apple on monopoly issues.

EU GDPR violations

In an interview with foreign media, US President Trump said that the EU always likes to impose huge fines on anti-monopoly or other investigations of US technology companies. Trump believes that the EU’s practice of using American technology companies as cash machines is wrong. The EU may regard punishment as a channel that makes it easier to make money.

The social networking giant Facebook has had several serious security issues in the past few years, and it has also sold the user’s private information to advertisers for marketing. For this kind of behavior, Trump believes that these acts of Facebook should indeed be investigated, but the EU always imposes fines on US technology companies.

The EU always likes to impose fines on American technology companies. Although Trump is not happy, he also wants to do so. The president said European regulators think of the lawsuits as “easy money” where they’ll “sue Apple for $7 billion and win the case.”

Trump believes that the current US technology giants do have problems in monopoly, so the US regulatory authorities should also start investigations. The US Federal Trade Commission has joined forces with the US Department of Justice to investigate Google and Amazon, but Apple does not seem to be in the target.