Microsoft brings Polls function to Microsoft Teams to support all platform participants to vote

Earlier, we mentioned that Microsoft opened up the Microsoft Forms questionnaire survey service, which was previously only available to all users of the enterprise.

It seems that Microsoft is integrating the questionnaire survey service into more Microsoft services. For example, now the Microsoft Teams team collaboration software also supports questionnaire surveys.

According to Microsoft’s official statement, this team collaboration software will support the provision of questionnaires to all participants during the audio and video conference to collect content votes.

It should be noted that the questionnaire needs to be prepared in advance, that is, completed before the conference is initiated, so that the survey can be launched during the audio and video conference.

Although Microsoft’s Polls questionnaire service has been freely available to all users, the integrated questionnaire service of Microsoft Teams only supports enterprise users.

Supported subscription versions include Microsoft 365 Enterprise Edition, Business Edition, Education Edition, Firstline Worker F3 Subscription Edition, and Office 365 Enterprise Edition.

Of course, Microsoft Teams now mainly supports enterprises or other subscription users, so the authorization of the two different products is almost the same.

The questionnaire survey service supports both anonymity and non-anonymity. The initiator can actively open or close the survey and immediately view the results after filling in the survey.

At the same time, during the meeting, participants can respond to surveys based on voting status, and interested corporate subscribers can view the service in the team collaboration software.