Microsoft Forms survey app is now free for everyone

Microsoft Forms is a service launched by Microsoft Corporation in 2018. This service is actually a questionnaire survey that can be used to collect feedback from potential users.

However, the service was previously limited to enterprise subscription users. Later, Microsoft expanded its support so that educational users, the educational subscription version, can also be used for free.

Now Microsoft announced that the service is free to all users, but some additional advanced features require a Microsoft 365 subscription version to unlock.

Microsoft Forms is not much different from the common questionnaire system. For example, it also provides various templates and question samples for users to choose from directly.

Microsoft Forms survey app

The features provided by Microsoft include text input, single or multiple selection lists, drop-down lists, calendar dates, form statistics, preset themes, and custom backgrounds.

The custom background is that users can upload their own pictures as the background of the questionnaire. Of course, you can directly use various templates provided by Microsoft if you find it troublesome.

After the questionnaire is generated, it can be shared with others through a link or QR code. After the survey is completed, the creator can view the survey results and analyze the survey data in the background.

In terms of analysis, Microsoft provides real-time survey results and data summary analysis, and chart generation. The final survey results support exporting to Excel for more analysis.

It should be more convenient to create this kind of questionnaire webpage, but if you don’t want to use the webpage, you can also use the Office app to create it on your phone.

Office app provides a questionnaire creation function and data analysis function. You can find Microsoft Forms after downloading the Office app in major application stores.

Some advanced features can only be used by Microsoft 365 subscribers, but the free features provided by Microsoft should already satisfy most users.

Interested netizens can click here to visit the web version of Microsoft Forms.