Microsoft brings import passwords from Chrome feature to Authenticator app

Earlier, Microsoft updated the Authenticator app. After the update, it actually provides a password manager function to help users manage and fill in passwords.

That is to say, Microsoft Authenticator can now not only perform multi-factor authentication but also provide password manager functions, users can make full use of these functions.

For example, the password manager can automatically fill in the account number and then generate the verification code if there is a need for multi-factor authentication, which can be used almost seamlessly for the user.

For the convenience of users, Microsoft also brings new features, the Android version of Microsoft Authenticator can directly import account passwords from Google Chrome or .CSV.

The password import function is currently being tested and only for Android users. In theory, all Chromium series browsers can export passwords to Microsoft Authenticator.

Microsoft has previously developed a password synchronization extension for the Chromium series of browsers. You only need to log in to the same Microsoft account to synchronize data.

For example, you can synchronize Google browser data to Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Authenticator, and you can also synchronize the data in the authenticator to Google.

The importing CSV function may be more important because other password managers usually export files to other places.

Therefore, the file import method is more compatible and easier to operate, but it should be noted that the exported file is not encrypted, and please delete it immediately after use.

Via: windowscentral