Microsoft begins open testing of the Windows 365 Switch function

Last year, Microsoft augmented Windows 11 with the addition of the Windows 365 Switch feature, allowing users to test it through public preview versions starting today.

The primary function of the Windows 365 Switch is to facilitate a swift transition between a user’s actual Windows 11 environment and a virtualized Windows 11 environment pre-deployed in the cloud. This enables users to securely connect to their corporate working environment with their personal devices without altering existing device usage patterns or requiring two different devices to correspond to various usage needs.

Windows 365 Switch

To utilize the Windows 365 Switch feature, users must not only join the Windows Insider Program testing plan but also activate the Windows 365 Cloud PC service. They must also download and use the new version of the Windows 365 App (version or later).

The initial activation of the Windows 365 Switch feature may require some time for preparation, but subsequent connections will be faster, allowing users to switch freely between device and cloud environments.

In addition to this feature, Microsoft also announced last year the Windows 365 Boot function, enabling users to directly log in and connect to the cloud PC via online devices, and the Windows 365 Offline function, which allows offline operations even in the absence of internet connectivity. This extends the flexibility in the deployment and use of the Windows 11 operating system.