Microsoft beats Amazon to win the billion-dollar contract

On October 25, the US Pentagon announced that Microsoft had won a US Department of Defense cloud computing contract called Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI). The 10-year contract will enable Microsoft to handle a large portion of the US Department of Defense’s data and communications.


Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure is the key to the US Department of Defense shifting most of its computing power from physical servers to the cloud. In order to compete for this contract, many companies have engaged in fierce competition. In addition to the value of the contract itself, the company that won the contract will take the industry benchmark and win more similar contracts from governments and large institutions around the world.

Amazon and Microsoft are major competitors in the cloud computing market. According to Canalys, Amazon is the global leader in the cloud computing market. Its 2018 cloud computing revenue reached $25.4 billion, accounting for 31.7% of the market; Microsoft ranked second with a market share of 16.8%.

Via: MarketWatch