The United Kingdom authorized Huawei to access the “non-contentious” parts of 5G construction

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is preparing to grant China Huawei the right to visit the “non-contentious” part of the UK’s future 5G telecommunications network. Reuters commented that the move in the UK will have a rift with the United States, which claims that Huawei poses a threat to US security and prohibits Huawei 5G from entering the United States.

Huawei 5G base

It is worth mentioning that in mid-October, Germany issued a draft safety guide for companies operating networks and processing personal data, requiring network contractors and suppliers to prove that they are credible, And prove that they will not transmit confidential information to foreign countries. This means that as long as Huawei complies with the rules, it will be allowed to participate in the construction of 5G infrastructure in Germany.