Microsoft announces quantum computing cloud service, Azure Quantum

Microsoft today shared a plan to release an open quantum computing cloud service in a private preview, with Azure Quantum expected to be launched within a few months. This summer, Microsoft opened up quantum development kits and Q# assembly language and simulators for developers. Today Microsoft announced a partnership with startup IonQ that enables developers to bring existing Microsoft products (such as Visual Studio or Quantum Development Kit) is used with quantum computers.

Microsoft wrote on the blog:

Azure Quantum is a full-stack, open cloud ecosystem that will bring the benefits of quantum computing to people and organizations around the world. Together with our partners 1QBitHoneywellIonQand QCI, we’re assembling the most diverse set of quantum solutions, software, and hardware across the industry, in Azure.

The news is another breakthrough in the field of quantum computing in the near future after IBM and Google each announced the realization of quantum dominance/quantum hegemony. Quantum computing is based on quantum physics. Quantum computers run on qubits. When the equivalent sub-bits are kept cold, they can scale high-performance computing in ways that are difficult to achieve today in traditional supercomputers.