Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Google finally gave up support for 2016 Google Pixel series of devices

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In 2016, Google announced the launch of its new smartphone, Google Pixel, and the original brand is coming to an end. In launching this new brand, Google said it will provide two years of software updates and three-year security updates for the device, and no updates will be provided after expiration.


Realistic Really Blue Google Pixel XL Mockup“Realistic Really Blue Google Pixel XL Mockup” by Anthony Boyd is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Google also released an update for the 2016 Pixel in the Android security update in October. The latest release of the November security update has not seen the 2016 Pixel. There is no doubt that Google ended its support for the 2016 Pixel in this quiet way, so the October security update became the final update of the 2016 Pixel.

Apple usually provides five years of security support for the device, and Google’s security support is only three years. In the hardware field, Google’s devices are not prominent compared to other devices in the Android camp. Google’s hardware devices have a very low market share in the world. Many low-end and mid-range devices are released two years or even a year and will no longer provide any updates, which is why Android’s ecological fragmentation and security issues are prominent.