September 20, 2020

Microsoft announces processor requirements for Windows 10 1909

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Microsoft is expected to release the Windows 10 Version 1909 update in the middle of next month. The current version of the image file can also be downloaded directly. This version will be released as a cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1903. At the upcoming release, Microsoft also announced the processor requirements for the new version. In theory, as long as it is not a particularly old processor, it can be successfully compatible with this version.

Intel microcode license

Supports up to Intel’s 10th generation series processors, including Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9-10xxx, and Xeon series processors. It should be noted that only the Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise editions support the Xeon series processors, while the home version is not compatible with the Intel Xeon processors. Compatible with Intel Atom series processors such as J4xxx, J5xxx and N4xxx and N5xxx series, compatible with Intel Celeron series and Pentium series processors.

Windows 10 v1909 supports up to AMD 7th generation processors, including A-series Ax-9xxx and E-series Ex-9xxx and F-series Fx-9xxx processors. Compatible with AMD Athlon 2xx processor, AMD RYZEN 3/5/7 3xxx processor, AMD Opteron / EPYC 7xxx series processor. Similarly, only Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise Edition support AMD Opteron and EPYC series processors and the Home Edition does not support such high-end dedicated processors.