Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Kingston launches KC600 series SATA TLC solid state drive with read/write speeds of up to 550/520MB/s

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Current mainstream storage manufacturers are scrambling to introduce NVMe SSDs of different sizes. This type of SSD has the characteristics of extremely small size and high speed. For example, some manufacturers have introduced NVMe SSDs with a read/write speed of 3000MB per second, which is difficult for most common mechanical or even SSDs. However, devices that support the NVMe interface are usually new or introduced in recent years. For older motherboards and laptops, only traditional hard drives can be continued. Kingston’s latest KC600 series is specially designed for older devices, whether it is an old-fashioned desktop or a laptop that can be installed to improve performance.

Image: Kingston

Kingston’s new SSDs mainly use 3D TLC NAND granules, and the 256GB version, 512GB version, and 1TB version are available for users to choose from. The series of SSDs are 2.5-inch compatible with SATA 3.0 and SATA 2.0, with a maximum read and write speed of 550MB per second and 500MB per second. The main control chip uses SM2259 and supports AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption. The maximum 4K random read/write performance is 90K and 80K IOPS respectively. Kingston said that the series of SSDs are optimized for system commands, which greatly improves overall system performance and fluency compared to mechanical hard drives. This series of SSDs has incredible advantages in operating system boot, load and file transfer, and is suitable for both home and business users.

Kingston also offers a five-year limited warranty for the KC600 series of SSDs, or a total data read/write the volume of 150/300/600/1200TBW. At the beginning of the market, the series of SSDs was only available in 256GB and 512GB versions. Kingston announced the price of 44.2 US dollars and 72.8 US dollars, which is the same as the current mainstream SATA SSD.