October 25, 2020

Microsoft announced: Windows will not secretly download the update file

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Clock back to 2015, Microsoft has just launched Windows 10 operating system, some Windows 7 users first online Update file size is actually up to 6 ~ 8GB. This has caused a lot of dissatisfaction, some traffic billing and broadband to the power of the user complaints is extremely serious, which the German users to the matter on the local consumer protection committee.

After 18 months of legal entanglement, Microsoft finally compromises, announced to stop the dispute and promised: In the future, Microsoft will not have any user consent to unauthorized use for the new system installation files.


This is considered a key signal by the outside world, which means that many software companies can no longer secretly download the so-called update file without the user’s consent.

However, I remember that now a lot of software is provided to automatically download updates and manually download the updated switch, but there are two problems, one is hidden deep (three menus), the second is the default open. For the old bird, is “not tossing uncomfortable Siji”, for the white, presumably still in the move.