October 25, 2020

LineageOS 15 based on Android O is coming soon

1 min read

After today’s announcement of the Android 8.0 Oreo system, the Lineage community announced that the Lineage OS 15 based on Android Oreo will be on the line. This means that many vendors do not support the upgrade of the device are expected in this way to upgrade to Android 8.0 system.

According to previously published information, LineageOS 15 is expected to equip Android Oreo with many new features, including Notification badges, Advance Snoozing, Notification timeouts, Background colors, PIP mode, Patch shortcuts and plugins, New emojis, AutoFill.

In addition, LineageOS is also expected to bring the “theme” function for custom ROM. Previously Cyanogen had introduced the Theme Engine feature, but after the system was declared dead, the theme engine could not be ported to Lineage, so Lineage would bring new theme functionality and might even merge with Substratum.