October 25, 2020

Rider 2017.1.1 officially released,.NET cross-platform integrated development environment

1 min read

Welcome to the first revision of the .NET IDE: Rider 2017.1.1 comes. You can download the new version of the installer.

This version improves the debug asynchronous code ( RIDER-507 ) by allowing you to use asynchronous functions or asynchronous expressions to avoid rewriting the applicationhost.config file ( RIDER-7897 ), adding a series of fixes for Xamarin and Unity (including ShaderLab syntax Support), and repair the list of 50 + questions.

Note that this update does not address support for .NET Core 2, but please be assured that we expect an early access program for Rider2017.2 next week, and .NET Core 2 will be supported in the first build.

See the release notes for complete updates.