October 25, 2020

Mozila Firefox will change logo on the new Firefox version

1 min read

Earlier this month, we have reported that the Firefox browser night Firefox version of the new LOGO news, recently, we also found that Firefox will soon have a big change, that is, the official version of the LOGO adjustment.

Firefox is currently the latest version of Firefox 55, according to its official news, Firefox 57 is expected to release in November 2017, the biggest change in this version in addition to UI design, the other is the “fire fox” LOGO.


Firefox 57 will be one of the most important versions of Firefox history. The current preview version has adopted a new LOGO design. The new LOGO will be part of the fox tail to simplify, while the Earth’s land pattern will be completely removed, but directly using a blue sphere. Fox’s overall shape becomes round and smooth. From the historical evolution of the chart below, it can be seen that this is the biggest change since 2004.

The new LOGO and the previously mentioned Firefox browser will be consistent every night, mainly in color to distinguish.