MediaTek announced its adoption of TSMC’s 3nm process technology

MediaTek has announced its adoption of TSMC’s 3nm process technology for the development of its next-generation Dimensity processors, with production slated for 2024.

Prior to this, at Computex 2023’s pre-event, MediaTek had confirmed that its upcoming flagship processor would be named Dimensity 9300 and is expected to debut in the latter half of this year. This declaration, emphasizing their enduring and intimate partnership with TSMC, also underscores the unimpeded production capacity of their processors.

The employment of TSMC’s 3nm process technology for the next-generation Dimensity processors, in contrast to the previous 5nm fabrication, results in a 60% increase in transistor density. This equates to an 18% operational speed boost at the same power consumption or a 32% power reduction at consistent operational speeds.

“We are committed to our vision of using the world’s most advanced technology to create cutting edge products that improve our lives in meaningful ways,” said Joe Chen, President of MediaTek. “TSMC’s consistent and high-quality manufacturing capabilities enable MediaTek to fully demonstrate its superior design in flagship chipsets, offering the highest performance and quality solutions to our global customers and enhancing the user experience in the flagship market.”

“This collaboration between MediaTek and TSMC on MediaTek’s Dimensity SoC means the power of industry’s most advanced semiconductor process technology can be as accessible as the smartphone in your pocket,” said Dr. Cliff Hou, Senior Vice President of Europe and Asia Sales at TSMC. “Throughout the years, we have worked closely with MediaTek to bring numerous significant innovations to the market and are honored to continue our partnership into the 3nm generation and beyond.“