Chinese government has begun to restrict the use of iPhones by employees of specific units

The Wall Street Journal, citing sources, has reported that China has commenced restrictions on specific government personnel using iPhones, seemingly tethered to the escalating China-American tensions in recent years.

Indeed, as the U.S. government has consistently curtailed its domestic agencies from utilizing products manufactured in China – including those from Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, and even the social media platform TikTok – it is only natural for the Chinese administration to reciprocate. Invoking national security concerns, China has limited particular units from adopting American-produced goods and services.

iPhone 15 Pro solid-state button

Concurrently, the Chinese government is orchestrating strategies to diminish its reliance on foreign technology, thereby augmenting the adoption of “Made in China” solutions. While Apple products have traditionally remained unscathed in this geopolitical tussle, the intensifying U.S.-China trade frictions indicate that both parties are making strategic recalibrations, impacting their respective policies.

Although these newly surfaced constraints predominantly affect government personnel and might not directly influence the consumer market, the ramifications for the impending iPhone 15 series’ overall sales seem minimal. However, it is foreseeable that Apple‘s trajectory in the Chinese market may soon be laden with additional challenges.