MediaTek Dimensity 9300 will be equipped with two Cortex-X4 cores

Recently, MediaTek introduced the Dimensity 9200+, further enriching its product line. Although this chip, inheriting from the Dimensity 9200, exhibits enhanced performance, its impact is expected to be minimal in light of Qualcomm’s recent aggressive onslaught.

Evidently, to reinvigorate its assault on the premium market, MediaTek necessitates a substantial leap in chip performance. According to Notebookcheck, MediaTek is advancing the development of its next-generation flagship 5G mobile platform, with the new Dimensity 9300 slated for launch in October 2023. As previously stated, it will be manufactured using TSMC’s N4P process.

Understood to be adopting a 2+4+2 tri-cluster design for the CPU of the Dimensity 9300, it will feature two Cortex-X4 super cores, four Cortex-A7xx large cores, and two Cortex-A5xx small cores, though the specific frequencies of these cores are not yet clear. Additionally, the GPU component remains a mystery, potentially employing the Immortalis-G720 to deliver superior performance.

Should MediaTek resolve to incorporate two Cortex-X4 cores in the Dimensity 9300, it would imply higher heat generation, ultimately necessitating frequency adjustments to maintain appropriate power consumption levels. Concurrently, how to better balance workloads presents an issue, lest it results in mere paper specifications without realizing maximum performance.

Rumors suggest Qualcomm faces similar challenges, potentially launching two versions on the third-generation Snapdragon 8 platform, one with a 2+4+2 tri-cluster CPU design identical to the Dimensity 9300, and another with a 1+5+2 tri-cluster CPU design, both manufactured using TSMC’s N4P process. Opting for the same manufacturing process signifies that Qualcomm and MediaTek are engaged in a more equitable competitive environment.