Manufacturers hope that mid-2022 will gradually increase graphics card shipments

When talking about the tight supply of graphics cards in the market, everyone’s focus is on the supply of chips, and large foundries like TSMC and Samsung don’t have enough capacity. In fact, the lack of ABF substrates is also one of the important factors affecting the output of graphics cards. Since 2020, ABF substrate and packaging capacity has been in short supply. Intel has repeatedly mentioned the supply of ABF substrates last year and even rumored that Intel has invested in packaging facilities and the production of substrates, hoping to ensure supply by completing the production of ABF substrates in its own packaging facilities.
graphics card shipments mid-2022

ASRock Radeon RX 6600 Challenger D, Source: VideoCardz

According to DigiTimes, when looking forward to the future business of ASRock and PowerColor, industry insiders said that the shortage of ABF substrates is likely to ease around mid-2022. In the past period of time, the main suppliers of ABF substrates have invested in expanding production capacity to further increase supply, which will help board card manufacturers increase graphics card shipments this year.

ASRock and PowerColor are both AMD graphics partners, and it is said that both have had very strong graphics card sales over the past few months, which has helped a lot in the overall performance. ASRock and PowerColor hope to make persistent efforts to gradually expand graphics card shipments in mid-2022 when the supply of ABF substrates eases. It may be a bit unexpected that the ABF substrate supply problem has been resolved so quickly. A few months ago, some people in the industry were still pessimistic that the supply shortage of ABF substrates may continue until 2025.