Linux Foundation announces the Red Team project to help make open source more secure

Linux Foundation Red Team

Everyone wants the software to have a high level of security. After all, every day there are different security vulnerabilities that are detected and exploited. At the recent Open Source Leadership Summit, the Linux Foundation announced the Red Team Project. The new project will incubate open source network security tools to help improve the security of open source software.

For those who are not in the security field, the Red Team can monitor the real-world attacker by tracking system and is an effective choice for a company to test security software. The Red Team project is an incubator for open source security tools, including network cyber range automation, containerized penetration testing tools, binary risk quantification, and standard verification procedures.

The Cyber-range mentioned here refers to the virtual space that simulates hacker attacks, which is theoretically carried out on the cloud. A network attack and defense include vulnerable machine images, vulnerable application configurations, attack platforms, exploits, and operators. Users can deploy hacker scripts and conduct security training with red and blue teams that represent realities.

Some open source information for the Red Team project is currently available on GitHub.

Via: ZDNet