Telegram new user volume surged 3 million during Facebook’s downtime

Telegram new user

Yesterday, Facebook’s various social and communication software such as Facebook, Messages, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. experienced massive disruptions. These applications, especially Messages/WhatsApp, are an important tool for users to conduct instant messaging, so the impact after the interruption is also very large. Although many users may return to using mobile phone text messages to communicate and deliver information, many users have begun to choose other instant messaging tools.

As an instant messaging tool that is an open source free and supports end-to-end encrypted communication, Telegram has many new users during Facebook’s downtime. Telegram co-founders said that in the hours after Facebook’s massive downtime, the number of new users of the software surged more than 3 million. Although this is not too high compared to Telegram’s 200 million users, the fact that it can be so large in such a short period of time, also means that Facebook has a huge impact.

Media said that this fully indicates that Facebook is indispensable in daily digital communication. Of course, this is not a compliment but a satirical Facebook occupation of the market.