LG will close the LG bootloader service at the end of the year

LG, which once dominated the mobile phone market, did not continue its previous glory. After years of continuous losses, LG announced its withdrawal from the mobile phone market in April 2021. To put it simply, LG did not have outstanding competitiveness in the trend of smartphones. On the contrary, LG’s mobile phone business began to lose money in the Q2 quarter of 2015, and the cumulative loss of LG’s mobile phone business by 2020 is as high as $4.4 billion.

After announcing the closure of its mobile phone business, LG promised to provide software updates for existing models. Of course, in fact, only some popular and new models can get software updates. At most, it is to release updates to fix vulnerabilities. Don’t expect LG to continue to adapt to Android 12 or newer versions.

LG Real Folding Window

It should also be emphasized that LG also decided to close the BootLoader unlocking service at the end of the year. If the user does not apply for BootLoader unlock before the end of the year, then they will not be able to apply later. If you don’t unlock it, it’s a big problem that you want to flash the phone. After all, after LG gives up the update, users may have a higher demand for flashing. In particular, LineageOS also supports some LG models. It may also be a good choice for users to use the continuously updated LineageOS.

The email notification issued by LG shows that LG will close the Unlock Bootloader service at 24:00 on December 31, 2021, so users who want to unlock should be done it as early as possible.