LG will release Android 12 updates to some devices

LG Electronics has officially announced its withdrawal from the mobile phone market. The company said that the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile phone market will help develop other businesses after the withdrawal.

After exiting the mobile phone market, LG Electronics’ existing stock models will continue to be sold, and the company promises to continue to provide after-sales service support and software update support.

Now the company has issued a new statement, in which LG Electronics stated that it will provide new versions of Android support for some devices, including Android 12 updates.

This statement is mainly to stabilize existing users and help the company continue to clean up inventory models. After all, there are still a large number of inventory models waiting for consumers to buy and receive orders.

Android 12 screen rotation

LG Electronics stated that based on its commitment to consumers, the company will continue to introduce security and operating system updates to existing models, but did not specify the specific updated version.

On LG Electronics Korea’s website, the company mentioned that it will provide Android 12 version updates for some models. Google is expected to release Android 12 in August.

This means that after Google releases the new version, LG Electronics will adapt to the new version update for some models so that consumers can experience the latest features of Google’s Android system.

However, LG Electronics also emphasized that the specific update plan is different according to the product model and market, so this means that not all models in the market will be updated.

When the media contacted LG Electronics to obtain a detailed update plan, the company did not make it clear, only that it would announce the detailed plan on its website in the near future.

Via: xda-developers