October 25, 2020

The largest upgrade in the history of the App Store will be released next month

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August 25, according to CNBC website reported that Apple will be launched in September iOS 11 latest upgrades of the App Store. The new store will contain a small article of the new application, a developer interview record, a list of applications that may be popular in a season (such as returning to school season), and so on. Here’s our first visit. This is the App Store open when the look.

The home page has a Sticky “Today’s Story”, scroll down to browse last week’s “cards” or apply stories.

Such as the following is the story of the subject “ready to a big battle”


This article talks about the fight against Floyd Mayweather and McGregor on Saturday night and recommends applications that might help you watch the game.

This is the new “game” interface

It is divided into “we love the new game” and a variety of game classification list.

This is the “application” interface

Here you can find all kinds of app recommended by Apple curator.

This is the interface for the “Update” tab

This module is no different from the interface we are currently using, except for a list of applications that need to be upgraded.

Finally, the “search” interface

This is, of course, the search application place, including some popular application links.

Apple told CNBC that this is the largest ever application store, with just about 500 applications starting at the store. At present, millions of applications are available, and it is decided to work with editors, writers, and curators to help highlight high-quality applications that may be buried. Next month iOS 11 launch, we can see this new application store, so stay tuned.