Google Chrome new features: allow users to permanently silently specify the page


If you are a loyal user of the Chrome browser, then in the future surfing process will no longer appear without permission in the case of the site automatically play the audio situation. François Beaufort from Google in the latest Google+ blog revealed that this feature is coming online, said the Chrome team is actively testing this feature, allowing users to permanently silence the site.


When users use the Chrome browser to open the page, click the address bar on the left side of the URL (usually called security), in the pop-up options, users can see the Cookies, positioning, notification and other aspects of the settings, the user can choose to allow / Block the pop-up window, whether to allow access to the microphone, etc., which in the Sound option, the user can choose to silence the page, select the permanent silence, then open the page in the future will automatically remember when there is no sound, Function has been on the Canary channel.

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