KLEVV releases new 48/64GB DDR5 memory set

KLEVV announces the launch of their new high-capacity and non-power-of-two incremental DDR5 memory kits, meticulously crafted to satiate the sophisticated needs of gamers, content creators, and high-end PC enthusiasts, ensuring unparalleled scalability and compatibility.

KLEVV reveals that their CRAS V RGB, CRAS XR5 RGB, and BOLT V DDR5 series will be available in 48GB (24GB x2) and 64GB (32GB x2) kits, intensifying performance and multitasking prowess. Specifically, the CRAS V RGB and CRAS XR5 RGB DDR5 series can achieve a staggering speed of up to 8000MT/s, making them impeccably suited for PCs demanding high computational throughput and peak performance.

The CRAS V RGB DDR5 series exhibits a contemporary design, brimming with intricate details, featuring a unique side-carved aluminum heatsink. RGB lighting subtly emanates from the gaps between the top and the side. In contrast, the CRAS XR5 RGB DDR5 series, drawing inspiration from the previous CRAS XR memory design lineage, boasts an aluminum heatsink characterized by a predominantly white theme, coupled with a distinctive circular semi-transparent RGB light strip, promising a more visually engaging experience for users. The BOLT V DDR5 series, tailored for those coveting peak performance and overclocking potential, stands as the quintessential choice for those dedicated to intensive multi-threading tasks and engrossed in the esports realm. Its design is deliberately understated and devoid of lighting, showcasing minimalist contours. With a height of merely 34mm, it offers optimal compatibility, leaving ample room for large coolers and bespoke liquid cooling solutions.

It’s understood that the CRAS V RGB, CRAS XR5 RGB, and BOLT V DDR5 series, both in 48GB (24GB x2) and 64GB (32GB x2) configurations, are set to grace the market in November 2023, available through their expansive network of distributors and online retail platforms.