ISIS supporters announce flaws in US agencies and launch new cyber operations

The ISIS hacker group announced a new operation on June 28, with the intention of destroying websites, devices, and data. ISIS supporters disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities in several US government agencies. ISIS claims that the struggle has entered a new phase and the history of cyber warfare has entered a new phase. They invade the accounts of soldiers and officers of the Crusaders, Jews, and apostates, collect their personal data, and invade websites. The Islamic State will be prepared to destroy websites, equipment, and data.

Cosmos Bank hacked

We penetrate the accounts of the soldiers and officers of the Rafidha [Shiites], the Crusaders, the Jews and the murtaddin [apostates], and collect their data. We penetrate websites that Allah makes easy for us to penetrate. We monitor and allure infiltrated spies to able to hack their accounts and warn Muslims from them and the files they publish, as well as spreading the security awareness and explain some of the secret methods used by the Crusader coalition to spy on supporters and follow them, whatever you have mobilized against us, the enemies of God,” the statement declared.

O enemies of Allah, no matter how much you gather against us, no matter how many you killed and captured of us, Almighty Allah will replace them with whom are harder than us on you,” CCS continued. “We are but a small part of the army, which will be prepared by the Islamic State to destroy your websites, your devices, and your data, by Allah’s permission. We bring glad tidings of what [is] yet to harm you, for the best outcome is for the pious.